Pekin Tiles Company, founded in 2014 is a Turkish foundation which exports granite, vitrified, pocelain, tile and ceramic tile to lots of country. Pekin Tiles transports design products which are produced with high tech and qualty standards, to you as soon as possible with possibly the most competitive prices. At all stages of production and delivery, expert staff in Turkey complete the necessary quality control activities and all the stages until delivery urgently. In this process you are constantly informed via photos and mails. And whenever you want you can communicate with our experts in your own language through live support line. Besides, thanks to Pekin Tiles simulator, you can combine the images with the ceramics you want, and if you want you can have our graphic designers prepare a 3D visual of your special Project. In order to provide our europian clients with better service and to deliver in a short time in emergencies, the staff in contact offices in Tillburg, Brussels, Kerpen, Wuppertal help you provide samples and you can order together with our smiling team even without getting up from your seat.